Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all the decorations on the cakes edible?

A. All flowers and seashore decorations and any other themed decorations are edible. Everything is hand designed .

Q. What basic flavors are included in your pricing?

A. The basic flavors included in my pricing are Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon and Marble

Q. Do you offer other flavors at additional pricing?

A. Yes. A cake by Barbara offers the following at additional pricing. Chocolate Cappuccino, Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, Orange-Almond Cake, Orange Mousse Filling, Apricot- Brandy Spice. We also offer various fillings such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Mocha, Lemon, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Ganache just to name a few. If you have a special flavor not mentioned above contact us for pricing.

Q. How many servings will a cake serve?

A. Rather the cake you order is square or round the servings are:

6” 8 to 10
8” 10 to 12
10” 20 to 25
12” 30 to 35
14” 50

Q. How about Sheet Cakes how many do they serve?

A. Sheet cakes will serve:

8” x 12” 12 to 15
9” x 13” 20 to 25
10” x 14” 30 to 35
11” x 15” 35 to 45
13” x 18” 50 to 60

Q. Does Cakes by Barbara do picture cakes?

A. Cakes by Barbara offers at special pricing pictures drawn onto the cake, we also offer cakes baked in shaped pans, and double layered sculptured to name a few.

Q. Do you have cakes on hand that customers can buy from you?

A. Cakes by Barbara only bake cakes to order. We use NO fillers, we bake all our cakes from scratch and all orders should be placed well in advanced.

Q. Do you charge any fees?

A. Yes a consultation fee is required for all wedding cakes. If an order for a cake is placed with Cakes by Barbara the consultation fee will be deducted from the price of the cake.

Q. Is there any additional fee for delivery and set up?

A. Pricing includes delivery and set up. Deposits are required for the following
Pedestals, plates, fountain, stand, columns.

Q. Are deposits refundable if the items are returned?

A. Yes. All deposits are refundable if returned within seven (7) days.

Q. What is your Payment policy?

A. The payment policy is balance is due no later than two (2) weeks before the wedding or event. If paying by check and the check is returned a returned check fee will be added to the price and the customer must pay by cash. If payment is made less than two (2) weeks of the delivery date a late charge will be applied and customer must pay in cash.

Q. Are budget plans available?

A. Yes budget plans are available ask for details.